1.    Supervising on the food, cosmetic, and health products.
2.    Supervising and announcing the regulations related to the establishment of centers for production, distribution and storage of medicines, food, and cosmetics.
3.    Reviewing and preparing documents according to the regulations related to the establishment of centers for the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals, food, and health products and sending it to the relevant units in the headquarters of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MoHME) to review and raise the issue in legal commissions.
4.    Supervising and announcing safety rules related to the packaging, labeling and advertising of food, beverage, and cosmetic products.
5.    Investigating the methods to improve storage, supply, and sale of pharmaceutical, beverage, and health products.
6.    Collecting and analyzing information, statistics, and documents related to pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and cosmetic products.
7.    Supervising the exact implementation of rules and standards set for product manufacturers regarding the auxiliary additives, as well as the use of permitted dyes and packaging materials, and the implementation of continuous control of products in terms of quantitative and qualitative competence.
8.    Supervising the implementation of rules and regulations regarding laboratories for the control of pharmaceutical and health products.
9.    Supervising the work process of manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and cosmetic products in Khoy County.
10.    Supervising the pharmaceutical affairs of the county pharmacies.
11.    Evaluation and control of the activities of pharmaceutical, food, and health laboratories in the county.
12.    Controlling the inventory of medicine and considering the needs of medical centers.
13.    Supervising the maintenance of special drugs and addictive substances.
14.    Supply of medicine required by the county through pharmaceutical companies.
15.    Supervising the proper distribution of drugs according to quotas approved for public and private units.
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