About Khoy University of Medical Sciences
About Khoy University of Medical Sciences
School of Nursing and Health established in 1992 (1371) as an affiliate of Urmia University of Medical Sciences. In 2016 (1395), Khoy University of Medical Sciences (KhoyUMS) was granted independency under the supervision of Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MoHME). KhoyUMS is located in Khoy, which is the second most populous city in West Azerbaijan province and is located in the north of this province.
The establishment of KhoyUMS was one of the government programs in the province that was realized and those interested, especially in the north of the province, can benefit from this educational capacity. One of the important goals of the independence of KhoyUMS is the optimal management of resources, including financial resources, personnel and equipment. KhoyUMS is responsible for providing health services to a population of over 350,000 people and its educational programs include the fields of Nursing, Environmental Health, Public Health, Emergency Medical Technician, Operating Room Technology, and Midwifery.
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