Name : Mohammad
Family : Arzanlou
Education : MD.Psychiatrist
Tel: 0098- 44- 36369106
Vice-chancellor for Treatment
-    Responsibilities
1.    Notifying all enactments, regulations and rulebooks notified by the dean of the faculty to the subsidiary units and following up and supervising its proper implementation.
2.    Codifying the rulebooks, instructions, and the agenda related to the duties of the deputy for proposing to the competent authorities for approval.
3.    Providing the necessary explanatory reports to the dean of the faculty regarding the relevant duties to the subsidiary units.
4.    Offering qualified people to hold managerial positions in the deputy for treatment.
5.    Supervising the affiliated units in order to ensure the proper execution of their duties.
6.    Planning, organizing measures and proposing the annual budget of the deputy in accordance with the priorities of the faculty.
7.    Cooperating with other deputies to facilitate the implementation of faculty programs.
8.    Accomplishment other duties assigned by the dean of the faculty.
-    Vice-chancellor for Treatment measures
1-    Supervision and inspection of medical and paramedical institutions
2-    Addressing the clients’ complaints and conserving dignity
3-    License issuing for medical and paramedical institutions
4-    Physical resources development
5-    Special diseases affairs
6-    Prepare, analyze and inform health statistics and indicators
7-    Evaluation of academic medical centers (teaching hospitals) and non-academic medical centers
8-    Nursing and midwifery affairs
9-    Standardization and quality improvement of laboratory services
10-    Giving direction and guiding the affiliated medical and paramedical centers
-    Organizational goals of the deputy director of treatment
The organizational goal of the deputy is to provide, maintain and promote the health of the community. Accordingly, it has three main goals, namely the quantitative development and quality improvement of medical services and client satisfaction. In this regard, the deputy's emphasis is on improving quality, which in turn leads to client satisfaction. Realizing the main goals of the deputy,  reviewing and determining the current situation, determining the desired situation, and paying attention to the health economics  has always been the aim of this deputy. The goals of the Vice Chancellor for Treatment can be summarized as follows:
1- Quantitative development
-    Increase access and improve the quality of health services through realizing the potential of the centers.
-    Determining the optimal status of the deputy programs at the end of each year.
-    Adjusting the number and capacity of medical and laboratory units of the faculty based on medical needs, including increasing or decreasing the number of units.
-    Situation analysis of human resources and determining the optimal condition in the related areas.
-    Situation analysis of equipment and determine the optimal condition in the related areas.
-    Paying attention to the health economics to facility optimization and improving the client experience.
2- Quality improvement
-    Determining the status of existing health indicators in the covered community.
-    Determining the optimal state of health in the covered community.
-    Awareness development and capability building of the human resources.
-    Awareness development and capability building of the managerial human resources.
-    Upgrading the standards of medical technologies used in medical centers.
-    Paying attention to the health economics to resource optimization and health promotion based on standard criteria.
3- Ensuring customer satisfaction
-    Determining the desired status of satisfaction of recipients and providers of health services.
-    Providing timely and easy medical services to the covered community.
-    Promoting the motivation of the recipients and providers of medical services.
-    Paying attention to the health economics in order to resource optimization and recipient’s satisfaction.
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